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Oren Plous, MD, FACS
Ophthalmologist/Retina Specialist
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State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging

Highly-trained retina doctor utilizing innovative techniques and state-of-the-art equipment.

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Retina Specialist

Specializes in the treatment of diabetic and other retinal diseases, as well as simple and complicated retinal detachments.

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Personal & Professional Eyecare

Our commitment is to provide you with state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment in our area of expertise - your eyesight - anytime you need us, day or night.

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About the doctor

Meet Dr. Plous

Dr. Oren Plous is a board certified, fellowship trained Ophthalmologist specializing in the medical and surgical management of diseases in the posterior segment of the eye.

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5 star reviews

Wonderful experience! Dr. Plous took great care of my mother! He was understanding and explained my mother’s diagnosis and treatment options. His staff was helpful, patient and sensitive to Mom’s needs. I would highly recommend Dr. Plous to anyone.

I saw Dr. Plous a year ago for a ” floater” in my right eye that was becoming rather bothersome and quite concerned me. Within minutes after I was in his chair I was put at ease. He told me it would dissipate within a certain amount of time, did pressure checks on both eyes and scheduled me for a followup. The floater is gone and I have a new eye doctor.

Excellent! Dr. Plous is a caring and expert physician. He answered all of my questions, he listened to me and found my problem. He probably should be credited with my continued good vision. I would never consider another eye professional after being cared for by Dr. Plous. In addition, his staff is friendly, he took the time with me to calm my fears, and his office were immaculate. I can’t say enough about this practice.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with macular degeneration and started seeing Dr. Plous. I have had a very positive reaction to his treatment and am 100% convinced that that is due to his knowledge and expertise. It is obvious he cares deeply about welfare of his patients thus I and my eyes are very happy. Thank you Dr. Plous! Darlena L


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